Oxygent absorber


Oxygen absorber, ‘KEEPIT’

■ Keeping from molding

Oxygen absorber, ‘KEEPIT’ keeps food from growing of aerobic bacteria, which can’t grow without oxygen. ‘KEEPIT’ keeps absorbing every particle of oxygen without fail, catching even a little quantity of oxygen which tries to enter passing the wrapping film. That’s why it can keep and last its effective controle.

■ Keeps fat and vitamins from oxidation

Fat contained in food oxidizes and becomes worse touching oxygen. Also vitamins like vitamin E or vitamin C etc., are spoiled or change in quality, owing to oxidation. ‘KEEPIT’ blocks the process of the oxidation and protects the quality and foodstuffs of the foods.

■ Preserves the flavor and the discoloration.

The oxidation affects the colors or flavors of the foods. ‘KEEPIT’ keeps the colors contained in the food from discoloration and besides it keeps the flavor of coffee or tea or ‘Nori'(laver). Also it keeps the freshness and taste.of the food.

■ Preserves from the damage of harmful insects

Oxygen absorber ‘KEEPIT’ contains the effect of making extinct the harmful insects built in grain. Since ‘KEEPIT’ is not a medicine, it’s safe and also the definite effect on eggs of insects can be expected.


■Classification and the main use of KEEPIT

We, DORENCY Co,.Ltd, have the organic line KEEPIT which is produced making use of the oxidation response of nonmetalic compound, as well as the iron line KEEPIT which is produced making use of the Considering the feature of its absorption of oxygen the types are divided between two types; one type, Type, which begins reaction by its own ability, as soon as it touches air. And the other is the type, Depending on liquid (water) Type, which begins to react sensing the liquid(water)contained in the food.